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The school has a wifi network which can be readily accessed in all classrooms.

Our BYOD environment has been functioning since the beginning of 2014.  Students can log on to the school wireless system during school hours (but not break times) and access approved categories of websites.  Our College uses the filtering system provided by Network for Learning and Google Safe mode.  This enables us to determine categories of websites that the students can access as well as the ability to block or approve specific sites.

Our expectation is that all students in Years 7-10 will have their own device to use at school.  We currently use cloud based software via Google Applications as our common educational platform.  This requires students to have devices that can browse the internet and run all features of Google Chrome.

What should I buy? (Year 7-10)

We strongly recommended students to use a chrome book.  An alternative could be a netbook with Microsoft Office but it also needs a chrome browser.

Given the nature of a school environment and the age of the students, we would encourage you to avoid purchasing an expensive device.  A suitable device can be purchased for around $300 when discounted. There are now chrome books that allow for additional applications to be loaded and some have touch screen.  They can be purchased from upwards of $400.  They will be good for students to use through to Year 11.

Please do not purchase an iPad or any other tablet.  The iPad has limited integration with Google applications and therefore restricts student’s options in our education environment.  All tablets are problematic when students need to enter data via a keyboard.

Need help?

If you are finding it difficult to pay for a device, please contact us.  We are offering a few second hand devices, but they wont have any warranty associated with them.

Where can I get a device?

This information will be changed on a regular basis to reflect any special deals that we have been offered.

At the present time we suggest that you start at Noel Leeming and ask for their Catholic Schools discount.  Then compare that price to other retailers offers.


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